Saturday 9 December 2023

What's going on?


There were a couple of stories a few days ago that illustrate where we are and where we are going if we are not careful. Senior figures in three American universities were asked in Congress about whether crowds calling for the genocide of Jews was wrong. They equivocated. It depended on the context.

There was next a scene in a café where an apparently Jewish woman was refused entry into the toilet by three young café workers. It was like Mississippi in the 1950s where black people were not allowed to use the same toilets as KKK supporting crackers. I thought like Marvin Gaye. What’s going on?

This all began with the rejection of Martin Luther King’s vision of equality where people were treated the same based on the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin. King’s vision was that we are all in this together. It was true that black people suffered the worst prejudice in the United States, but this was only going to improve if people of all races learned to treat each other as individuals rather than skin colours. King wasn’t attacking white people, and he wasn’t saying that black people were incapable of prejudice. Rather he was saying that we all have a duty to each other, and that duty is the same duty.

This vision was rejected by critical race theorists who replaced it with the idea of a hierarchy of victimhood with black people at the top and white people and I now think Jewish people on the bottom. This theory treated people of different races not on the basis of the content of their character, but on the basis of the colour of their skin. Black people could not be racist, no matter what they said and did, white people and Jewish people could not be victims of racism no matter what was said or done to them. This led to a double standard that I described recently as two tier everything.

It was the fall of communism in the early 1990s that gave this impetus. The Left realised that it’s fundamental economic and political model had decisively failed. It had failed because human nature is capitalist. We act to gain an advantage for ourselves and our families. We are not motivated by socialism. If the Left was going to succeed it had to change human nature. This is what it set out to do.

We began with political correctness and what used to be called the loony left. It seemed bonkers and indeed harmless, but gradually it came further into schools and then still further into universities and the media and eventually transformed itself into woke. It doesn’t seem so funny when thousands of people are marching through the streets calling for the eradication of the Jews from the River to the Sea. It doesn’t seem quite so harmless either.

Until 2020 woke was still a niche idea. But suddenly it escalated exponentially. Instead of LGB we ended up with a long string of letters as everyone fought to join the hierarchy of victimhood. Instead of Black Lives Matter being some American footballers kneeling when the national anthem was sung as a protest, suddenly we had thousands on the streets during Covid protesting about the death of someone in Minneapolis. This changed everything.

I watched a film last week called The Fall of Minneapolis that told this story in a way I had never heard before. Of course, there are two sides to every story. The officers involved were convicted, but this film suggests they ought not to have been.

What should have happened when the news of this death went all around the world is that the authorities in the United States should have said that no one died because he couldn’t breathe. The police behaved according to the rules and procedures they were trained in, and the individual died through a mixture of health issues and eating drugs in order to hide them from the arresting officers.

Instead, we had an orgy of violence not only in Minneapolis, but in the rest of the world too. It was all because the person who died was black. If he had been white, there would have been no demonstrations in Minneapolis let alone in London. No police officers would have been convicted of anything. No footballers in Britain would have gone down on one knee. This is the double standard. This is critical race theory.

Since then, woke has exploded. It has taken over the arts and social sciences in a way that was simply unimaginable even five years ago. There are attempts to bring woke into the sciences too.

It is for this reason that the heads of American universities are not sure if it’s wrong to call for the genocide of the Jews. Its for this reason that certain commentators on the Left find it hard to admit that Jewish women were raped by Hamas on October 7th. It is for this reason that the BBC automatically accepts the casualty figures given by Hamas and its claim that a hospital was bombed by Israel.

Jewish people are right at the bottom of the hierarchy. No one quite says this in critical race theory, but if anything, Jewish people are treated as below even white people. So, if people from ethnic and religious minorities are on campus chanting for the destruction of the Jews, adherents to woke have a problem. Black and brown people can’t be racist. Hamas is involved in a just struggle against colonisation and oppression. The only way Hamas can reach its goal is if there are no Jewish people left in Palestine. Jews are right at the bottom and deserve no sympathy. This is why they think it depends on context.

The fall of communism defeated the Left decisively, but it has been resurrected in if anything a worse form. This time it is winning. When you go far enough Left you reach the Far Right. This is where we are now.

The Left ignored the unspeakable evil committed by communist regimes in the Soviet Union, China and elsewhere, because it thought that it was worth it in order to reach socialism. The Left now ignores the unspeakable evil committed by Hamas because it thinks it is worth it to free oppressed brown people and liberate them from Jewish rule.

The Left teaches Europeans and Americans to hate ourselves and our history precisely because this justifies the oppressed coming here. We at the bottom of the pile deserve their revenge in just the same way that the Israelis do. The Zionists will be decolonised just like the rest of us, when that happens the whole world will occupy where we were and then we will be ready for socialism.

It would have been unthinkable in any decade after the Second World War for anyone to equivocate on the genocide of the Jews until the last decade. Socialism has reached National Socialism again by going far enough Left. The Far Left has become the Far Right and is capable of any lies to achieve its truly evil racist goals. Let us be clear critical race theory is as racist as Aryanism.

It is just another form of nationalism. It was after all invented by nationalists.

Our only hope is to rebuild education in the image of equality of opportunity and to bring back the ideas of people like Martin Luther King and the founding fathers whose statues were toppled. The goal is for people of all races to be treated the same. No hierarchy. What we have today is the idea that some people should be treated differently and better because of their race. Hendrik Verwoerd could hardly have put it better.

Those who loudly proclaim themselves to be antifascists have put on the black shirt and they are going after the Jews as if they had the Totenkopf on their lapels. It is precisely against this that we fought in 1939. We have to refight that battle. This is the battle that Israel is fighting right now. It is our battle too.


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