Thursday 30 November 2023

Two tier everything


During the demonstrations against Israel in London a phrase began to be used that I had never heard before, two tier policing. It became obvious that the police were treating crowds calling for Jihad and the destruction of Israel very differently to crowds demonstrating about anything else or indeed individuals. But the phrase has a wider application. It’s not so much that we have two tier policing. We have two tier everything.

Some of this two tier everything is rather ludicrous. If white people wear Mexican hats they may be accused of cultural appropriation. But what are the rules of who can wear what? Well, lots of forms of clothing were invented in Europe. But no one says it’s cultural appropriation if a Mexican wears a suit.  

The rules are these. People from ethnic minorities can wear what they want. They can style their hair how they want. They can take part in European folk dancing. They can listen to the Beatles. They can play Beethoven on the piano. They can speak any language they please with any accent. No one will ever call it cultural appropriation.

It’s only if white people have dreadlocks or play rap or reggae or wear native American headdresses or African robes or speak with a Jamaican accent that we have cultural appropriation.

Two tier everything extends to television and films. If you are putting on a performance where some of the characters are black or Asian it is obligatory that they be performed by black or Asian actors. It makes it difficult to stage the Mikado anymore which was originally designed to be played by English singers because it is a satire on English society. It means that Othello can no longer be played as it originally was by a white actor.

There is some sense in this. I generally prefer authenticity in film and television. I would be quite happy if only black and Asian people played black and Asian characters. Most old films with white people made up to look Asian don’t really work.

But two tier everything means that it only works one way. It has now become obligatory in any adaptation of a nineteenth century novel to have black or Asian actors playing the parts of white characters. Frequently in historical dramas we have black and Asian actors appearing anachronistically either when we know that the historical figure was white or when it is highly unlikely that there would have been black or Asian people present.

This extends even into historical research of dead plague victims. There were tiny numbers of ethnic minorities in Britain even in 1939 a few thousand at most. How many were living in London in 1346? Yet we have researchers desperate to find racism by examining skull sizes in order to accuse Londoners of racism when hardly anyone at the time had even met a black person. No one is doing research on skulls in Nigeria to show that white people were the victims of racism. It would be considered ludicrous, not least because two tier everything means black people cannot be racist.

This means that while we know that black people in West Africa were involved in capturing slaves and selling them across the Atlantic, no one ever asks their descendants for reparations, and no one ever blames them for the sins of their fathers. Likewise, while we know that slavery was a part of the Islamic world from the beginning no one ever asks for reparations from Muslim countries.

When we talk about slavery every form of slavery that ever existed including in European countries, China and Russia is ignored. The only slavery that our two tier thinking pays any attention to is the Atlantic slave trade. Here it is also ignored that the Royal Navy spent a fortune in lives and money to eradicate the Atlantic slave trade and the United States Army fought the bloodiest war in its history to do the same.

But how did we end up with two tier everything? The reason is that in the United States until the 1960s the aim was to treat people equally and without prejudice. Everyone deserved the same chance to succeed. No one should be held back by racism or any other prejudice. Treat everyone like an individual was the ideal not as a representative of a group. But this ideal changed.

Gradually in the 1970s a new theory emerged that viewed race through the idea of power. Certain groups were powerful, white people, but sometimes also Asian people and Jewish people. There arose a hierarchy of victimhood. It meant that if you were a victim, i.e., you were lacking in power you could essentially say or do anything, and it would not be racist.

There is no evidence for critical race theory. No one discovered it by means of experiment. No one proved it by means of reason and logic. But gradually it has worked its way into the Western world as being something that is beyond question.

It explains why a black woman can goad Nigel Farage. She knows that she can say or do anything and nothing bad will happen. If he makes the slightest slip of the tongue or even looks at her the wrong way he will be cancelled. She can’t be racist because she is black. He is automatically racist because he is white.

So, if a black or Asian person deliberately targets a white woman and rapes her while calling her the most insulting things based on her skin colour, he will have committed a crime, but it won’t be racially motivated.

Likewise, there is only white privilege because white people are in the position of power, and this applies even if the black person is wealthy and employs the white person as his cleaner. It even ludicrously applies one assumes if you live in Poland in a small village where there are no black people.

But two tier everything means that there is no equivalent of black privilege in an African country where there are only black people. There is no Asian privilege in an Asian country where there are no other ethnic groups.

This idea is dangerous. It puts people living in the same society in opposition to each other. Instead of working together to eliminate prejudice and racism we end up with one group continually looking to accuse the other of the unforgivable sin of racism while being immune from that sin themselves.

This is the reason why Meghan Markle arrived in Britain looking desperately for racism. She was a McCarthyite looking for Racism under the beds. Of course, she found it, how could she not? But she only searched so assiduously because she knew that she could not be accused of anything.  

If you continually accuse one group of a crime that another group is unable to commit, the first group will eventually rebel against this way of thinking. If you forbid people saying what they are thinking quite legitimately because it is racist, they will in time say it anyway and disregard your accusation of racism. The danger is that you will end up with worse racism than if you allowed people to speak freely and listened to their concerns.

You end up with rioting.

It is not racist to be concerned about the demographic makeup of the UK or how rapidly it is changing. It is not racist because every country in the world would have the same concern.

It cannot be that it was wrong for Europeans to colonise North America, but that it’s just fine if far larger numbers are arriving in a much shorter time in Europe. But here too there is two tiers thinking. While there are Native Americans, there are no Native Europeans. We are not even allowed the concept.

Critical race theory I think explains the change in the way that the Left has responded to the conflict in Israel. It treats Jewish people like white American settlers and the Palestinians like the oppressed Native Americans and black slaves. Whatever the Israelis do is always and automatically wrong because the Jews have the power. Whatever the Palestinians do no matter how heinous is always and automatically not antisemitism but a justified response to oppression.

How else do you explain the contortions of certain commentators desperate not to believe anything bad happened on October 7th?

Critical race theory abolishes antisemitism even though the Jewish people are the most oppressed race in history. It justifies and excuses the modern equivalent of Holocaust denial and allows people to parade through the streets of London calling for the eradication of the Jews in the Middle East with impunity.

If your theory leads to this, rethink it.

It is time we returned to the concept of equality of opportunity and working together to lessen everyone’s prejudice and racism with tolerance and forgiveness for the mistakes that people from every race make. It is time we were allowed to speak freely about our concerns without worrying about two tier policing and two tier everything else.

Instead, we have created a two tier Britain that cannot live with itself and whose population cannot live with each other.

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