Saturday, 2 June 2018

I am having trouble Tweeting

I am having trouble tweeting the link to this week’s blog. It may be just a Twitter glitch, then again it may be some form of censorship. Who knows?  But it is frustrating as without Twitter there is no point in my writing for I have no other way to share.
Anyway you can help by helping me to share what I write. You can find this week’s blog here.

If I can’t tweet I may well need to take another social media break.


  1. Hi,

    don't forget you are highlighted with links in other places, TWITTER has less significance than many believe and its Censorship policy is at best lax and all too often seems based on Political Correctness at the cost of both accuracy and integrity - also all too often TWITTER contains false links to parn & other tasteless material about which they seem to do spectacularly nothing.

    Frequently TWITTER porn sites are pictorial & graphic.

    That TWITTER seek to Censor your well reasoned opinions is beneath contempt & says far more about them than it does about you and your valuable Blog.

    I shall continue to link with your Blog and also when I consider it particularly apposite re-post it.

    You will note your Blog is Linked on www.InfoWebSite.UK on the >Websites All< Please don't let TWITTER bully you into either silence or altering either your opinion or the way you express it.

    Consider the amount of outright drivel & pernicious nonsense on TWITTER and that is not just Donal Trump, then consider who it is and just how irresponsible TWITTER and the platform they offer is!

    Stand your ground and don't let TWITTER or anyone else seek to distort your views with bullying as just think where that ends up!


  2. Hi,

    I am fortunate as I do see Effie's musings and I am notified by eMail when a new one is published.

    I am surprised at the comment by Running Man that he is 'blocked' yet he can still comment!

    Perhaps he did not mean blocked in that sense & was commenting on his personal conition :-O

    I hope he recovers!


  3. My father-in-law often spoke of 'the innate malice of inanimate objects'. The surprising thing is that these fragile and finicky contrivances ever work at all.