Thursday, 28 June 2018

A new domain

I am one of the least technically minded people you might ever meet. My mobile telephone has a battery that doesn’t hold its charge and so it sits in my study immobile. I use it once or twice a year and would struggle to send a text message even if I wanted to do so. But I have a new web domain.

The key with any problem is to be tenacious in solving it. I was unable to share links from my site on Twitter. I thought of a workaround, but it was a bit fiddly and clunky, so finally I’ve taken the step of purchasing my own domain. It is:

Don’t worry the initial expenditure was trivial.  Ongoing costs I hope will be covered by the pittance Google sometimes gives me from advertising.

Most of my traffic comes from either Facebook or Twitter, but I hope over time that this new domain will help my site to be more visible on Google. I have done all I can to get everything indexed, but it may take a while.

In the meantime to celebrate this new domain I have decided to make available some very long pieces of work that have sat on my computer unread by anyone.  

I like to write and when I have taken various breaks from blogging I have kept myself busy with other forms of writing.  They are all really far too long to read on a website, so feel free to copy and paste into a word document or if you would prefer a version that can be read on a Kindle feel free to get in touch and I will send you one. 

Pro UK people writers tend to attract a remarkable amount of hostility from our dear opponents. Getting abuse on Amazon isn’t much fun, so perhaps this will turn out to be a better form of publishing.


Please continue to Tweet, share and follow. Only in this way can we defeat those who would prefer to keep us silent. 


  1. Hi,

    Good luck with the new domain.

    I shall endeavour to ensure that you are still linked from my Web Site:

    Some reciprocity would be welcome, but not essential ;-)


  2. Yes Effie best of luck with the new domain. You talk a lot of sense but with a surname like Deans it comes naturally 😉