Monday, 11 May 2015

Aims and Objectives

I have already said that I am going to continue blogging. I like writing and I like communicating ideas. We have important battles to fight in the future and indeed in the present.

This blog has a number of purposes.

1 To help protect and defend the UK

2 To defeat the aims and objectives of the Scottish National Party (SNP)

3 To provide a place where people from all sides can debate in a courteous and reasonable way.

I don’t have anything against people who support the SNP. I have no hatred in me at all for anyone, least of all for my fellow Scots. I disagree with them that is all. I use forceful argument and I attack ideas and assumptions, but I don’t attack people.
In the past few weeks I’ve been subjected to relentless personal attack. This has been quite hard. People who read this blog can help. You can leave supportive comments. You can tweet or retweet this blog. You can share it with friends and colleagues. This blog has grown from tiny beginnings and now is read by thousands every week. Help me to grow it and we will have a platform for putting forward our ideas.

If you would like to grow your own blog, do not hesitate to contact me. I will nearly always at the very least give you a tweet. I'm happy to give advice and help too. Maybe you have good ideas for me too. Let's share them. There is the possibility of going further. You could let me include one of my articles on your site, while I would consider letting you include one on mine. This helps both you and me by giving us back-links and additional ways to share what we are writing.

I have put in a huge amount of effort in writing this blog every week. You could support me by reading a few pages of one of my books. There are free preview pages. This might enable you to help me combat the negative trolling reviews I receive on Amazon because of my political opinions. A few positive, honest reviews would really be appreciated. Receiving just a little back makes a huge difference to my morale and contributes to my feeling that this blog is valued.  

As you no doubt have noticed this blog now has Adsense Google Ads plus Amazon Associates ads. I don't blog for money, I blog because I like writing and like people to read, but it is nice to earn just a little bit because of my writing. I hope you don't find the ads too intrusive. Who knows just like television maybe they are sometimes more interesting than the blog! 

I will occasionally include a non-political blog. This is partly because I want to write about more important things than Scottish nationalism. But also it is a way of growing the readership of the blog. Not everyone in the world is interested in Scottish politics. These articles will not be of interest to everyone. Sometimes they may get a bit technical. But please do have a look. Often they are more relevant than they might appear as they deal with ways of arguing.

Our battle is going to be difficult, but we can win if we are strong and united. I follow these principles.

1 Always do what your opponent least wants.
2 Don’t make concessions to nationalism.
3 Try to reverse the direction in which nationalism is taking us by making the UK more united.

We have a Pro UK government with an absolute majority. We can block the SNP for the next five years. There is nothing they can do about this.

We must do all we can to prevent the SNP gaining an overall majority at Holyrood.  

We must work towards reversing the gains the SNP made at the UK parliament.

The SNP will do all they can to win concessions that will gradually lead them towards independence. Resist these.

It is crucial that we understand the mentality of our opponent. They now want independence at any cost. No concession will make them cease to want their goal, but they will be content to accept such concessions as a step along the way. Even if we could show that something like Full Fiscal Autonomy (FFA) or indeed independence would make Scotland poorer, they would still want it and see it as well worth it. But unfortunately many independence supporters would continue to believe that FFA or independence would make them wealthier. They only believe their own sources of information now. So please don't even think of offering FFA, it would lead almost immediately to independence. I have thought very hard about this point. The only thing I fear now is FFA. 

We need to put forward a positive view of Britain and we need to come up with a fair, equal and lasting constitutional settlement that will secure the unity of our country forever. There are many possibilities. Personally I like the idea of devolving power to county level and beyond. This bypasses nationalism by bypassing national parliaments. Let the real power lie with Aberdeenshire not Edinburgh. But just as we devolve so must we unite. No country can survive long if its people lose their sense of unity. The encouragement of people from other parts of the UK will be decisive in securing Scotland remains a part of our country. If our fellow Brits turn against us because of the SNP, the SNP will have already won its battle. Don't let that happen. 

There is likely to be a referendum on the EU. This must not be allowed to undermine the UK still further. I intend to show soon how we can make this issue work to our advantage.

Be optimistic. Morale must be high as we have a long difficult battle ahead. Help me to develop our social media presence and we will have a better chance of seeing off those who want to destroy our country.

Best wishes,

Effie Deans


  1. Don't be down hearted the Trolls are mad at you for publishing the truth and anyone else. Truth hurts them. Don't forget the Trolls got us a powerful conservative government.

    1. Thanks Jimmy. The attacks are more wearing than anything. It doesn't touch me but it uses up energy. I think we're in a great position if we stick together. Watch this space.

  2. Thanks for keeping up the fight, Effie. Means a lot.

    1. No bother. I will always keep fighting. Indeed I have not yet begun to fight

  3. I support you, Effie! I think you’re fab!


    I’m afraid I disagree with you on FFA. My view is this: a huge chunk of the population has been swept up by nationalist hysteria and its attendant paranoia and conspiracy theories, and the only way now in which it can be stopped is by giving these people a hard dose of reality. And that means FFA; that means showing them beyond any doubt that because of its sparse and ageing population, and because of its health problems and welfare culture on the West Coast, Scotland lives way, way, way beyond her means. It means showing them that without rUK to help, Scotland’s current level of public services – and by extension her entire economy – is completely unsustainable.

    Now, I agree that FFA might lead to independence, on the basis that, once the economy’s in the toilet, the Scots may think they’ve got nothing left to lose and just go for it. That’s as maybe. But I am convinced that the optimum economic model for these islands is the one that we’ve currently got, and as such – and as you so eloquently predicted in a previous post – re-union would inevitably result from independence, once the SNP’s fantasies are laid bare and the Scottish people made to suffer because of them. I would give it ten years. Of course, the cost for re-union would have to be, as in 1707, the Scottish Parliament. But given that said Parliament has been nothing more than a breeding ground for nationalism, that would be a price I, for one, would be delighted to pay. Moreover, my suggested scenario would hammer Scots nationalism for generations, and would renew and refresh the Union – something which is in dire need in any event.

    That’s my worst-case scenario. Best-case is that FFA in itself might be enough to see the back of the SNP and the Scottish Parliament, if enough people can be made to understand that they’ve been lied to on a massive scale, and that it’s the Union that’s been keeping Scotland afloat, and not the other way around, as the nationalists, almost to a man and woman, seem to think (eg, that nitwit George Kerevan thinking that somehow the SNP can implode the UK economy. It’s nuts. He simply does not understand that the rUK economy is a colossus, and it would be utterly impossible for a parochial, provincial political party, acting no matter how malevolently, to be able to destroy it. But the fact that one of their (apparently) more economically literate number is coming out with such delusional rot simply proves my point: these people must be shown the truth. It is the only way left).

    Anyhow, you're great! Love, Georges

    1. Thanks for the reply Georges. I guess this is an idea that good sensible people on our side will have different views on. That's OK. I have no idea who is right. You make a good argument. There are different tactics. The main thing is that Pro UK people from all parties stick together.

  4. As usual Effie a very sensible blog. I love your style and your clear message. Agreed we must all work together and I believe we can defeat Nationalism.

    1. I'm much more optimistic than I was last week. Just think the SNP have no influence at all at Westminster, when last week they were hoping to pull the strings. I don't think the mood of nationalist hysteria will last. These moods never do.

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  6. To protect the UK we need to first leave the EU as we cannot continue to operate two unions in tandem with one, the EU, being superior.

    We need to tell the truth about the EU and what leaving it means.

    It means:

    A: A likely 1-2% tariff on certain goods from the UK to the EU and the EU to the UK.

    B: VAT on goods purchased in the EU bound for the UK will be collected, and kept, in the UK treasury.

    C: The fishing industry will be automatically devolved to Holyrood meaning a new multi billion £ industry, the largest in this hemisphere, will appear in Scotland.

    D: The farming industry will be under the control of Holyrood, again automatically.

    E: Everything not reserved to Westminster that the EU deals with will be automatically devolved to Holyrood.

    F: It will be extremely unlikely that we will ever see another Scottish independence referendum as the only way to secure free access to England and free trade with England from Scotland if it were to leave the UK is by both the UK and Scotland being in the EU.

    G: Billions of £'s of EU contributions being returned to our shores.

    I could go on but I think you get the point and that point is we now have a major constitutional hurdle to overcome in the next few years and we really do for the sake of the UK need to leave the EU.

    1. Good points here. I plan to write something about the EU very soon. I too think the issue can be used in our favour, though not in quite the same way. There are Pros and Cons with regard to the EU, but either way I think it can shown that it is clearly in Scotland's long term interest to choose the UK.

  7. I've been following your blog for a while and while I disagree with a lot of it, at least it's respectful.

    I'm not a nationalist, I'm a Unionist. I love the ideas of Unions and believe they can work.

    The United nations, the European Union, the Trade Unions, etc.

    It's THIS Union that's not working. It's becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the world, increasingly inward and not critical enough of its own horrible mistakes.

    That's why I voted YES and have defected to the SNP.

    I'm an internationalist at heart and identify as European, as does my family and commuting friends.

    1. I despair of such anti-British feeling, because "feeling" is all that it is - it doesn't bear a moment's intellectual scrutiny. In what way are we "increasingly isolated from the rest of the world" when we continue to play a leading role in the UN, EU, NATO, G8, the Commonwealth, etc? My guess is you disagree with aspects of UK foreign policy - who doesn't? But that's no basis for abandoning a centuries-old Union.

    2. I'm happy for anyone to comment, so long as they're reasonably polite. I'm just putting forward ideas and arguments. I could be wrong. I'm also happy to reform the UK. If we can do things better, let's do that. Nothing should be ruled out and nothing should be ruled in.

      I think the EU needs to be reformed too. I don't think it's nearly democratic enough. But in principle if I was the offered the chance of being part of a democratic United States of Europe, I'd take that.

      There's lots to discuss. Let's all do that in a civilized way and we might learn from each other.

    3. Effie, the choice we face by 2017 is to be part of a federal EU where the component states of the UK are dismembered or be an independent UK of four states and it really is as simple as that.

    4. What's wrong with reforming Europe and ditching the UK? Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales could benefit immensely from comparative policies instead of "one size fits all".

      It's the ECB I have issues with. Look at Greece. :(

  8. Every profession should have their own Union and communicate with the others. Yes, that does work in Germany. It's amazing and good for the economy and morale.

  9. Effie, on trolls… It must be hurtful being on the receiving end of disrespectful ignorant diatribes and little comfort that they mostly reflect the inadequacies and issues of the respondent. Ho Hum. If anything though the independence referendum and recent general election have generated a flowering of political interest on-line, your blog being a good example. We don’t have to agree, we can discuss politely.

    Well, the people of Scotland have spoken, 71.1% (highest UK turn out) of those eligible to vote voted and, of them, just over 50% voted for the SNP, the only political party to command a majority of those who were eligible to vote. And the SNP won 95% of the seats in Scotland. These facts are being reiterated to emphasise how, now, Scotland is a different nation from the rest of the UK and how, while Scotland is mostly governed by itself, the UK is governed by England.

    It is, of course, very difficult to predict the effect of this outcome despite many crystal balls being polished off and gazed into, but that difficulty doesn’t stop me from speculating that Scotland as an independent (independent of what to be decided) nation is less within the grasp of Scotland to claim and more within the loosening grasp of the English government to lose. The first loosening of that grasp has been announced; rejection by the Scottish Government of the proposal by the UK government to abolish the Human Rights Act. More challenged proposals will undoubtedly follow; further cuts to public services, transport infrastructure upgrades disadvantaging Scotland, energy policy likewise and so on including the proposal to have a referendum on continued membership of the EU. Is it not a bit odd that Scotland doesn’t want to be a member of the UK club but does of the EU one? And is it not a bit odd that the English government wants Scotland to remain part of its club but doesn’t want to remain part of the EU one? Which is the more hypocritical? Meanwhile, let’s campaign for freedom for Banffshire or independence (of what?) for Foggie (and if you dina ken fare that is, we do).

    1. I ken fine far Foggie is. Thanks for the kind words. I plan to write on the EU on Saturday. It's an important debate, but perhaps I may surprise people with how I look at it.

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  11. Just please explain to me why one family of nations is better than other families of nations just because some lairds signed an agreement a few centuries ago?

    Why UK above EU or ECHR or the United Nations?

    Why is Holyrood worse than Westminster and why is Westminster better than Brussels?

    I don't understand why my English friends are suddenly supposed to be more or less of my family than my French or Greek of ones?

    I'm European...

  12. Centuries of a common (mostly great) history? Still, as an SNP supporter, you would rather be a German colony in the EU, wouldn't you? I mean, the SNP's founders wanted ADOLF HITLER to invade Great Britain so that one of your fuherers then could get himself some powers and set-up a one-party state under his quisling rule and Nazi Germany's tutelage and one of them said he ENJOYED the sight of Nazi bombs killing people in London during the Blitz.

    The SNP were a thoroughly nasty piece of work then AND THEY STILL ARE NOW!