Saturday 22 April 2023

The SNP is up to its axles in dung


We all must take seriously the warning from Police Scotland not to discuss people who have been arrested. As soon as this happens such persons become unpersons. Their names may not be mentioned like יהוה‎ [YHWH] in the Bible. We mustn’t put in the vowels, so that in time we even forget whether it was Potur Marrol or Pator Merril. Better just to leave it as Ptr Mrrl for safety’s sake. Just as it’s safer to be writing about Ncl Strgn.

But in time writing about the SNP will require us to write in Hebrew without vowels otherwise the Plc [Pilucu or Paleci depending on dialect] will think me contemptible. Because as arrests mount up, we will have to first cease talking about Ncl Strgn, then n Blckfrd and finally we won’t dare invoke the name of Stphn Flnn. I am happy to write using the Hebrew alphabet, but I fear it might be even more confusing than Seirbheis Phoilis na h-Alba, though I suspect there are probably more Hebrew speakers in Alba than those who can explain how Poileas can become Phoilis.

I have been reduced to writing about the Nippylungenlied. But the problem is not that the Nippylungens lied so much as the whole of the SNP is built on lies from top to bottom.

The leader of the SNP at Wstmnstr as recently as 16th January 2023 said that the next General Election ought to be a de facto referendum on independence. If the SNP plus friends and enemies, i.e., Alba, Scottish Greens and small extremist socialist parties won just one vote more than 50% then it would immediately start negotiations with the British Government on independence.

Some variants on this theme were mentioned by others involving civil disobedience, unilateral declarations of independence, revolution like the Americans in 1776 and refighting the Battles of Stirling Bridge, Bannockburn and Culloden.

We can assume that these people were telling the truth back in January. But we now discover that

Stuphin Flonn, who replaced Blockfard as Wostmanstar leader, is mapping out a general election strategy in which independence will be put on the back burner in favour of domestic issues.

Sorry for the paranoia about mentioning unmentionables.

But what this means is that someone who just a very short while ago was intent on going into the next General Election with a single-issue manifesto which would have had a one line sentence about it being a plebiscite on independence, now thinks the exact same General Election can be fought without mentioning independence at all.

But this goes to the root of the whole problem with the SNP. Every single one of these people spends his whole life hiding the truth and saying things that he doesn’t mean.

Stuphin Flonn will be campaigning for independence, even if he tells everyone during the General Election that independence has nothing to do with him. If the SNP does terribly, he will tell us that the election says nothing about independence, but if the SNP with friends and enemies turned out to get more than 50% it would suddenly be a mandate for immediate negotiations.

But this is not merely stuphid it is dushonast.

These two words explain everything about why we are where we are with the SNP at present.

Nucelu Stargoun resigns for a reason that has nothing whatsoever to do with the reason she gives. She pretends to be impartial but tells everyone to vote for Hamzu Yeusof and the whole party attacks Kotu Farbsu because she told the truth.

The poor deluded SNP members do what they are told and instead of picking the one person who might actually clean up the mess, they choose the one who will make the mess worse because he is useless. They then complain that they wouldn’t have done so if they had known what they knew after someone nameless was arrested and want the whole thing rerun.

But this is what the SNP is trying to do to the rest of us. The General Election won’t be about independence unless we get more than 50% of the vote and then it will retrospectively be a single line manifesto that allows us to begin negotiations and indeed do what we want.

Since the unmentionable was arrested, we have had another unmentionable arrested and we have discovered Nucelu Stargoun telling everyone who supposedly is in charge of the SNP to shut up about finances, don’t investigate, don’t even talk about the issue, because there is nothing to see here.

There begins to be something of a pattern here. There are essentially only two SNP strategies. There are secrets and there are lies.

We don’t really have a clue quite how much Scottish Government money was spent on two ships that look as if they will never be built. If I worked at a ship building company and I wanted to continue working, I would do everything in my power to build the ship otherwise I wouldn’t be working for a ship building company, but rather for a scrap metal merchant. But none of us know how these incredibly expensive non-ships ended up rusting, because all we have ever heard about the issue is secrets and lies.

So too none of us have any clue where all the money that was given to the Scottish Government during Covid ended up. Nor how despite receiving higher funding per head than the other parts of the UK the Scottish NHS performs worse than anywhere else. This too is because all we ever hear about the Scottish healthcare and indeed education is secrets and lies.

No one including the present SNP leader knew that there were no auditors since last September except a few insiders more inside than the present leader. No one has a clue how a motorhome ended up outside the home of the mother of one of the unmentionables. No one has a clue why the SNP would want to buy such a motorhome and no one has a clue whether there might be other motorhomes at the homes of relations of other unmentionables or a super yacht with the ability to perform like a submarine hidden in Loch Ness. It's apparently a monster.

No one really knows anything about Scottish politics and still less about the SNP, because we are not even allowed to pronounce the names of those involved without changing the vowels.

The SNP has become a jimmy riddle, wrapped in the mist, inside an enema. It stinks, because everyone involved is standing on rotting foundations held up by secrets and lies buried in a midden. It’s the unmentionable in pursuit of the unethical because as each of the arrested becomes unmentionable, we are wrapped deeper still in the secrets and the lies, wading in the SNP dunghill.