Wednesday 4 November 2020

Make America still greater


At the time of writing we don’t know the final result of the US presidential election. What we do know is that yesterday Biden had an average 8.4% lead over Trump. In order for Trump to win it was necessary that the pollsters would be more wrong than they ever have been before. Trump was a 2/1 shot in the bookmakers. There was pretty much certainty that Biden would win.

I had a thought yesterday that there might be a surprise, but I went to bed thinking that I would wake up to headlines saying Joe Biden had won. When I switched on my computer, I got a headline that the race was too close to call and soon after I discovered that Trump was now 1/2 favourite.

Something very strange has happened, and I think I know what it is. There is enormous social pressure against Conservatives. At work or among friends people with liberal or leftwing views feel that they can speak freely. They can criticise evil Tories, they can talk about the insanity of Brexit or how wonderful the Black Lives Matter movement is. There are all sorts of taboo subjects where we know that we have to be seen to hold the correct view. I don’t tell colleagues that I don’t think a man can become a woman. I don’t tell them that I don’t think men can marry men. I don’t tell anyone I don’t know in Scotland that I disagree with Scottish independence. It’s not worth getting into an argument with people at work or in the pub.

But it only works one way. People with left-wing PC views don’t feel this constraint. They expect everyone else to nod their heads in agreement. It is for this reason that I don’t tell anyone other than close friends and family my views on anything.

But if there is a taboo about certain issues, there is a still greater taboo about Donald Trump. Even Conservative commentators in Britain rarely have anything good to say about President Trump. For people on the left and the mainstream media Trump is the devil incarnate.

Trump is in the innermost circle of Hell for the BBC, Sky News and most other journalists for a number of reasons.

1. He boasted about grabbing women by the pussy and getting away with it. This put him beyond the pale not least because everyone knew what he said was true.

2. He tried to make it harder for people from certain Muslim countries to come to America.

3. He prevented Hilary Clinton from becoming the first woman president.

4. He tried to build a wall stopping Mexicans from entering the US illegally.

5. He agrees with Brexit and wants to have a trade deal with the UK.

6. He treats Covid in the same way we have treated every other pandemic in human history and opposes locking down society for the first time in history.

7. He disagrees with the aims of Black Lives Matters and instead praises the major figures from American history.

8. He recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but the result of this is that Israel has normalised relations with a number of Arab states.

9. He is boastful, vain, vulgar and popular with people who like those things.

10. He repeatedly says things that the liberal Left and the media in general think are forbidden for anyone to say let alone the President of the United States.


So not merely in Britain but also and to a much greater extent it is absolutely forbidden for anyone to express support for Donald Trump. Only the worst low lifes could even consider voting for him. Donald Trump’s voters must be rubes. They can be no more than one generation away from poor white trash.

Who on earth would admit to voting for Donald Trump? It would be more socially acceptable to admit to voting for Hannibal Lecter.

But this is precisely why the polls were so wrong. You see there are lots of us who can see that Donald Trump may have some faults, but we are willing to forgive him for them. He may make some gaffs, but the essence of his thinking about matters is frequently very clear and sound. Some of us have seen how the woke left has been burning down America and how it exports this sort of stuff to us. We’d rather like someone to stop it. It’s not going to be Joe Biden. It just might be Donald Trump.

Lots of Conservatives are willing to forgive Trump rather a lot because on the economy he is sound. He has done good work on foreign policy and he genuinely loves Britain.

It is for this reason that while we keep quiet about supporting Donald Trump just as our US cousins do, we hope that he will win.

If Trump wins, and I very much hope he does it will be the triumph of someone written off by almost everyone. There can be no greater triumph than that. Go on President Trump. Make America still greater.