Friday 3 July 2020

Submitting to extremists

There is a massive disconnect between how ordinary British people view the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations and how they were viewed by the BBC, Sky Sports and other parts of the media. Once more journalism is missing the mood of the country.

Most British people think that everyone’s life matters no more but no less than anyone else’s. We believe in fairness. We don’t like to single out one group for better or worse treatment. It was this that made the slogan “Black Lives Matter” jar. It doesn’t need to be said that black lives matter, of course they do, but saying it repeatedly while denying the right of any other group to say it suggests that the campaigners are not looking for fairness and equality, but rather for something else.

Journalists treated the demonstrations uncritically and as something wholly praiseworthy, but from the beginning the rest of us could see that something was wrong. Anyone who has studied American history and the theory of race that has developed in American universities could grasp instantly that the organisation “Black Lives Matter” was extremist. It’s not as if they hid their aims. Here were Marxist revolutionaries who hate the United States, its flag and everything it stands for. Here were people who refuse to stand while the Star-Spangled Banner plays, not because they wanted equality of opportunity but because they want to divide in order to destroy capitalism. Here were people who hate Israel and would delight in its destruction delighting too in the destruction of British heritage and history as a form of revenge on the rest of us living here. Here were people whooping for joy as the hated police and a whole league of footballers went down on one knee to them. They had power and they were enjoying it.

I said to one of them the other day that in order to have real political change it was necessary to unite rather than divide. Black Lives Matter would fail because it was unable to bring the rest of us with it. Ordinary Brits saw it as an attack on us, because it was. This is why it would lose. This is why it has already lost.

The theory of race that has developed in the United States is not about equality it’s about inequality. Once you grasp this you understand everything.

Take the idea of cultural appropriation. If a white person imitates a black hairstyle it’s bad, but if a black person wears something that developed in Europe such as a suit and tie that’s fine. The reason for this is the white person is from a dominant culture, while the black person is from a minority culture.

At the centre of the theory of race developed by American academics is the idea that racism is about power. It means that only white people can be racist. It means that a word that would get a white person sacked can be said with impunity by a black person. It means that black people can say whatever they please about white people and indeed Jewish people, because white people and Jewish people are dominant.

It is for this reason that Black Lives Matter were completely uninterested in modern day slavery that takes place in Africa and the Indian subcontinent. It’s also why they are completely uninterested in reviewing black historical figures, or literature written by black people for any signs of racism. The reason is that they think black people are incapable of racism.  

Every now and again a video emerges of someone called Karen cowering in fear because she got into a conversation with a black man who describes her as racist. He sometimes mentions that she used an insulting word about him, but now he can get his revenge and the whole world can see how her life is going to be ruined. The “Karen” then loses her job, her home, her marriage and sometimes her life, but no one thinks that the word “Karen” used exclusively to insult white women might be racist, because black men cannot possibly be racist.

It is this double standard that is inherent in Black Lives Matter. It is this that went against British standards of fairness and why the vast majority of us viewed the mass kneelings and vandalism with horror.

The end point of Black Lives Matter is not racial harmony. It is not that we ignore skin colour and treat everyone equally. We are told by modern American race theory that ignoring skin colour is wrong.  It is to pretend that racism doesn’t exist and erases the experience of black people.

No, the goal of Black Lives Matter is to gain power. Because they view everything in terms of power, they see this as the solution to all problems. It is for this reason that no matter what concession is made it’s necessary to ask for more. It doesn’t matter how many statues you destroy, how many books you ban or how many films are censored, it will never be enough. It is for this reason the vandalism escalates, and why a cartoon that was innocuous a few years ago now comes with a warning.

The key is to realise that modern race theory is completely made up. Not one statement is provable either by logic or by experience. These statements are simply asserted and a few years later treated by academics as if they had been already proved. Some years later still a generation of journalists likewise thinks that these ideas have been proved just because someone in a university told them that they were true. Later still demonstrators riot and finally footballers go down on one knee to something they don’t understand, and which would destroy them if it could.

It is the double standard that asserts that only white people can be racist that is used by organisations like Black Lives Matter to achieve its aim of abolishing our society with its traditions, its free markets, it’s democracy and its police. This double standard is being used by Marxists to achieve by stealth what they cannot achieve with the ballot box. These people are using the existence of racism and the fact that we are all taught that racism is the greatest wrong in the world, not to achieve equality, nor even to eradicate racism. Even to suggest that we could eradicate racism would be contrary to race theory and therefore racist. No. The aim is to obtain power by means of revolution.

The foundation of race theory is completely arbitrary, contrary to fact and contrary to morality. There is in morality no distinction between people and certainly none based on skin colour. There is in Christianity no idea that some people are uniquely virtuous and incapable of doing wrong. Modern race theory is unscientific, made up dogma that has infected our universities for too long. We need to go back to values that everyone can share equally. We need to recognise that each person is capable of racism, but that it is not the unforgivable sin. Rather we all need to forgive each other for all of the injustices of both the past and the present. We are all sinners, because we are all human beings. We share far more than what divides us. We share our humanity, and this transcends all the differences on which identity politics is based.

Identity politics is the politics of hatred. One group be it women, black people, homosexuals or transgender is selected as the one to gain power and immediately the double standard is applied to this group, which then opposes everybody else in order to gain that power. Suddenly a tiny group of transsexuals can change not only our toilets but our language. Suddenly ideas that would have been considered bizarre in 1960 become first the norm and then obligatory. It is not so much class struggle as the struggle of the minority against the majority. It is therefore inherently anti-democratic. It is an attack on the rest of us and the weapon it uses is our willingness to submit. We submit to avoid being called something nasty and to feel a frisson of virtuousness, which absolves us from further action. This is what going down on one knee is about. Now do you understand?