Saturday 18 April 2020

All men are created equal except those who catch Covid 19

Covid 19 knows nothing about equality. The people most at risk are the elderly, especially where groups of them are stuck together in care homes. The least at risk are probably children. People living in sparsely populated countries like New Zealand are less at risk because their natural state is to be socially distant. Even within Britain you are probably safer living on a croft in Wester Ross than in a big city like London or Glasgow. It also turns out that there is a far greater chance of dying if you are a man.

Shall we have jokes about Man Covid 19 now?

Feminists have been telling us for years that men and women are completely equal, but no matter how much they tell Nature, she he it or ze disagrees. Women and men do not respond equally to disease. This is one of the reasons why women on average live longer than men. Women have two X chromosomes while men have an X and a Y. It is this that makes it easier for women to fight off illness because the X Chromosome contains strands of microRNA that have an important role in battling viruses and other forms of illness including cancer.  Having two Xs is therefore advantageous.

There may well be evolutionary reasons for this. While men’s role in fathering children can take seconds, mothers need to spend 9 months incubating and giving birth and then years looking after the child. If the father died, the child still had a good chance of growing up, if the woman died, the child would most likely die too.

The feminist argument about inequality must therefore be seen not merely in terms of women being treated unfairly by society, but also in terms of men being treated unfairly by genetics. Some women may not reach the top of their profession because of sexism, but some men die much earlier from illness or other causes simply because they are men. Which would you rather be less successful or dead?

The thing that makes one person a man and another person a woman is the difference in our chromosomes. It is this that causes one to be able to be a father and the other to be able to become a mother. There may be advantages in having an X and Y, but there are also disadvantages. But anyway, we could not have humanity at all if there were not these differences.

The immunological disadvantage that affects men is not something they can choose. If a man proclaims that he is a woman, he will still have exactly the same chromosomes as he did before his proclamation. Even if he underwent surgery removing some parts of his body and adding other parts, his chromosomes would be unchanged. He would not gain the immunological advantages of a woman, for the simple reason that he could give birth to children and so the evolutionary advantage of childbearing would not be given him.

The Pre-Covidian world of gender transition and supposedly being able to choose whether one is a man or woman has been made obsolete when we live in a Post-Covidian world where what matters is infection and the immunity that is determined by the chromosomes we are born with.

To be a woman with all of the advantages and disadvantages that go with it is inexorably tied up with being a mother. Being a woman is a matter of chromosomes that cause the bodies of girls to become the bodies of potential mothers. It is no more a choice than choosing to be more or less vulnerable to infection with Covid 19.

The same biology that causes the nurse to say you have a baby girl, causes her to grow up to have children be in most respects less strong than her husband, but better able to fight off a killer virus. None of this involves a choice.

To be a man with all its advantages and disadvantages is to be someone who can father children. It is for this reason that men are more vulnerable to infection. They are more vulnerable so that there can be life.

When understood properly men and women are fundamentally different, but complimentary. We have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It is for this reason that we are drawn to each other in order to work better as a marital team.

Nature is right now reminding us that being a man and a woman is something objective.  It is not something you can choose, and it is not something you can change.

In a world where we rely on science to keep us safe from infection it is worth realising the claims of transgender theorists are impossible to prove scientifically. No experiment could possibly disprove my statement that men cannot become women.

The idea that someone can be biologically male while also being a woman is to suppose that it is not biology that makes someone a woman, but rather a choice. It is to suppose that chromosomes are objective, but gender identity is subjective. But where is the scientific evidence for this unlikely claim? What experiment shows that human beings alone in nature can choose to be men and women while bulls and cows have no choice at all?  

For too long Pre-Covidian Academia has led humanity along a false path first when feminism asserted that women can do everything as well as men and men can do everything as well a women. In ignoring the essential and fundamental differences between men and women feminism made both sexes unhappy because it made us fight against each other (the battle of the sexes) rather than work together.  

Worse still in the next stage of the battle transgender theorists have attempted to eradicate the distinction between men and women so that it is no longer possible objectively to state what a woman and a man is. Those feminists who complain about this forget that it is they who began the idea that men and women are not different.

The idea that a man could choose to be a woman would not have occurred to a previous age that struggled to feed and clothe itself. It came from the decadence of too much abundance, too much money and too much time to waste on making distinctions that are without difference such as the one that supposedly exists between sex and gender.

Now men and women, girls and boys are fighting a common invisible enemy and we need medicine to focus on keeping us all alive rather than trying to change us into something that we are not and can never become.