Friday 13 December 2019

None of us need to flee

It’s a UK General Election. What matters is who wins a UK majority. It doesn’t matter who wins in Devizes, nor does it matter who wins in East Antrim.  Clwyd West doesn’t get to choose which party leads us and who is our Prime Minister and nor does Na h-Eileanan an Iar. We all choose together. In every democracy the parts vote differently from the whole. This is not a fault. Far from it. If the parts did not vote differently from the whole, we would be living in a one-party state. This is what the British people just rejected.

Labour have been taken over by communists. We have rejected them. Labour have not so much gone back to 1983 and Michael Foot’s longest suicide note in history, they have gone back to 1917. I went to bed not knowing if I would wake up to a Marxist Prime Minister. I wake up to find that we are safe.

 Labour must be sent into the wilderness once more.  The reforms that were introduced by Neil Kinnock and then Tony Blair did not do enough to cut out the far-left cancer. Labour must cut deeper or else perish entirely. Never again must the British people be faced with such extremism getting a chance to win power. But we desperately need a credible force on the Left. Democracy is about choice. But Western democracies can only be a choice between capitalism and social democracy. To vote for the far left is to vote to cease to be a Western democracy. It is to vote for an end to elections. Never vote for a Marxist, you might never get the chance to vote him out.

I want to go back to a time when elections were mildly interesting but could safely be ignored. I want to go back to a time when it didn’t much matter who wins.

Extremism has entered British politics. For centuries we alone in Europe rejected revolution. Our unwritten constitution evolved. It did not need to be written because we could trust that our country was in safe hands no matter who won. I might have disagreed with Atlee, or Lloyd George, of Wilson, but they were decent people with whom I could agree to disagree. Now we have a Labour Party who makes Jewish people fear for their lives and contemplate emigration. We have a Labour Party whose leadership sided with the Soviet Union in the Cold War and who would like to emulate the economics of Lenin. We would have faced capital controls within a week if Labour had been elected.

But while extremism has been rejected by the British people it is still going strong in parts of the UK. There are supporters of former terrorists trying to break up the UK in Northern Ireland and in Scotland we have the SNP.

For nearly ten years ordinary Scots have faced a near continual threat to the existence of the United Kingdom. The people of Northern Ireland have faced a similar threat for rather longer. French people do not go into elections fearing that France might cease to exist. People in Germany don’t fear this either. There is no more extreme policy than attempting to destroy a nation state. Let’s be clear that this is what the SNP and Sinn Féin want to do. This is what every country in the world has the right to defend itself against. No country can continue indefinitely to have to deal with separatists attacking it from within. This too is a cancer that must be cut out. We must cut deep.

The UK Government must make it absolutely clear that it will always defend the territorial integrity of the UK. If necessary, this must be enshrined in a written constitution. Foreign powers must have no right to claim parts of UK territory, nor can UK citizens continually attempt to turn our territory into a foreign power.

Just as Jewish people feared a Labour victory, so too hundreds of thousands of ordinary Scots dread the SNP one day being able to destroy the United Kingdom. We dread this in just the same way that a French person would dread his country once more being invaded and partitioned. Many of us would flee to whatever safe haven remained just as Jewish people contemplated fleeing from Corbyn.

But for the moment we are safe.

Two things matter.

1. A Conservative Government must promise that there will be no second independence referendum for the foreseeable future.
2. We will leave the EU.

The SNP will be very angry. But there is not a thing they can do to stop the UK leaving the EU. In time the anger will subside and when it does it will be clear that Scottish independence is no longer possible. The post EU future can unite the UK just as we were united before we joined. We need time. Boris will give us that time.

Our country is very divided indeed. The gap between Conservatives and Labour is enormous. Education is dominated by Left-wing thinking as is the broadcast media. Only this can explain why so many are seduced by socialist ideas that history has decisively discredited.

We are divided between Leave and Remain. It is high time that everyone in Britain accepted the result of elections. But it is equally clear now that referendums decide nothing. Once more the Conservative Government should make clear that there will be no more referendums for the foreseeable future. Let us instead decide everything in Parliament.

MPs in the last few years have behaved disgracefully. The speaker has become a partisan figure instead of a neutral umpire. MPs have been making the rules up as they go along. This cannot continue. If MPs cannot be trusted to follow the unwritten rules, then we must write them instead.

Our country is divided between secessionists, those who care about our country’s unity and those who don’t care. Never has there been the need for some team spirit to be injected into those British people who care more for their part rather than the whole.

I always go to bed early on election night. I wake up early too. Too often during the past decade I have gone to bed with fear. I ask one thing of Boris Johnson. Do what is necessary for us all to sleep soundly during elections. Let there be no more threats to our country. Defend us against the extremists.

But let us rejoice for the moment. We are safe. For the next five years at least, none of us need to flee.