Thursday 12 October 2023

The Left has disgraced itself over Israel


There is probably nowhere in the world which has had such a long and on the whole successful experiment with socialism as Israel. In no other western country that I can think of are there anything like the kibbutzim in Israel. Here are small experiments in socialism which to various degrees put into practice the ideals of shared ownership, collective living and all of the other things that socialists are supposed to admire. Yet the left and especially the far-left hates Israel. Why?

I think part of it is that Israel was a Cold War battle. The Soviets helped and sympathised with the Arabs. The Americans helped and sympathised with Israel.

People on the left in the West were not initially hostile to Israel or at least not universally so. But with each war there was less and less sympathy for Israel and more and more sympathy with the Palestinian cause.

This became still more the case as the number of Muslims living the UK increased.

The Far Left has a hierarchy of virtue. Because ethnic minorities are frequently the victims of racism, they are placed at the highest pinnacle. So too because Muslims are frequently the victims of prejudice, they gain a place at the top not merely because they often are from an ethnic minority but also because of their religion.

Anyone who criticises the migration of people with a different skin colour is liable to be called a racist by the Left. Anyone who criticises the migration, the views or the behaviour or Muslims will be called Islamophobic.

Just as it was natural for the Left to side with Black Lives Matter, so too it is natural for Black Lives Matter to side with Palestinians or Hamas.

But are Jews not a minority too? The Left doesn’t really treat Jewish people as a minority even though Jewish people are without doubt the most persecuted minority in history.

The reason for this I think is that many Jews are often indistinguishable from Europeans. Of course, there is not one Jewish look. There are black Jews from Ethiopia, and many Jews look indistinguishable from Arabs. But although Jews were murdered by the Nazis because of their race and their ancestry, they are not treated as a race by the Left. If you said what it is permissible by the Left to say about Jews about Black people or Brown people or Asian people you would certainly be a racist, but you can say what you like about Jews and certainly what you like about Israelis.

Muslims come from a variety of countries and have a variety of religious and political views. But many Muslim countries do not recognise Israel and I think it is fair to say that many Muslims are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

It may be that not all Muslims in Britain side with the Palestinians, but I would be surprised if the overwhelming majority did not. I have yet to come across a British Muslim who supports Israel and celebrates it.

I think this is one of the reasons why the Left also came to hate Israel.

If you sympathise with the Palestinian cause, you might hope that Palestinians were treated better and had better lives. You might hope that there was a Palestinian state. These are perfectly legitimate goals.

But there is a part of the Left that hates the West and sympathises with all those who also hate the West. It is for this reason that some people blamed 9/11 on American foreign policy. So too when there were Islamic attacks on Britain some on the Left blamed Britain’s foreign policy.

Now when Israel is attacked some blame Israel and argue that it deserved to be attacked.

Worse that that some on the Left and some Muslims too openly hope that the attack on Saturday would go still further and lead to a Palestinian state from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea. This would involve the expulsion or extermination of most of the Israeli population.

There is a refusal to believe eyewitness accounts of atrocities even when these are accompanied with evidence. There is an attempt to equate and compare Hamas murdering, raping and mutilating civilians with Israel taking military action in response. This is nonsense.

When the British attacked the city of Caen after D-Day many civilians died, but this was not the goal of the operation. The goal was to defeat the Nazis. This is warfare. When the Das Reich Waffen SS Division massacred the population of Oradour-sur-Glane, this was a war crime. That is the difference. Anyone after being presented with evidence about the massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane who denied it is the equivalent of a Holocaust denier and a sympathiser with Nazis.

Everything I have read about Israel since it was created in 1948 tells me that it has wanted to make peace not only with the Palestinians but with all its neighbours. It has on a number of occasions been willing to trade land for peace including Sinai in 1982 and dismantling its settlements in Gaza in 2005.

If Palestinians laid down their arms and ceased all involvement in terrorism or rebellion, there is little doubt that soon afterwards the lives of Palestinians would vastly improve.

But neither the Left, nor many Muslims generally nor indeed Palestinians want to coexist with Israel in peace. They think Israel is illegitimate and should be destroyed.

How do you make peace with that? You might as well have told Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto to make peace with the SS.

But this is what worries me. If a large proportion of the Left and significant numbers of Muslims in Britain support Jihad against the Twin Towers and Jihad against Israel, then at some point they are likely to support Jihad against Britain too. We too would deserve and for a variety of reasons.

If you think that it a joyous occasion when Hamas comes to a kibbutz and rapes the women, murders the babies and slaughters the men, if that is a matter for celebration, then at some point it may also be a matter for celebration to do the same here.

Most people on the Left are not serious Jihadists. They enjoy wearing a Palestinian scarf but that’s all. The overwhelming majority of British Muslims are decent peaceful people. We generally have good relations with everyone living here.

But the Muslim population of England and Wales increased from 2.7 million (4.9%) in 2011 to 3.9 million (6.5%) in 2021.  How many of those would rejoice in the destruction of Israel? Perhaps none, but that is not the impression I am getting.

There is no easy solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict. We must hope that the lives of the innocent are spared on both sides. We must hope above all for a solution that makes both the lives of Israelis and Palestinians better.

But I’m sorry dear Lefties you cannot expect Israel to make peace with people who want to destroy it. If Cornwall was run by Hamas and attacked a village just over the border in England in the way Hamas did just over the border from Gaza, we would conquer Cornwall and hunt down every terrorist until there were none left. If we would do that, why should we require Israel to do less.

The Left and some Muslims across the world have disgraced themselves this week. This will have lasting consequences all over the world. Who wants to live next door to people who support Jihadist death squads? I don’t.

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