Sunday 4 October 2020

The SNP hall of shame


The other day when Margaret Ferrier travelled up and down the country as if she had the intention of going down in history as Covid Maggie, I began thinking about scandals involving SNP politicians. How many have there been. I’ve lost count.

1. Derek Mackay sending text messages to a sixteen-year-old boy telling him he was really cute.

2. Mhairi Black bringing a drag queen called Flowjob to a primary school

3. Derek Mackay spending £230 million on ferries that were not built

4. John Swinney overseeing an exam fiasco leading to marks being inflated

5. John Swinney being responsible for teaching primary school children about anal sex, rimming and pornography.

6. Natalie McGarry resigned the SNP whip because of fraud offences relating to the Women for Independence group. She pleaded guilty was convicted and jailed, but later had the conviction quashed.  She still faces trial for embezzlement.

7. SNP coverup over the Covid outbreak connected with Nike in Edinburgh

8. SNP Government involved in clinical waste storage scandal

9. SNP MPs Chris Law, Ian Blackford and Brendan O’Hara had expenses claims totally £760,000 from the UK Parliament. They were the three with the highest claims out of all MPs.

10. Ian Blackford made a 600 mile trip to Skye while complaining about Dominic Cummings making a trip to Durham.

11. Scottish businesses complain that they don't get as much in furlough as colleagues in other parts of the UK

12. SNP have been criticised for failing to pass on money received to help Scottish businesses.

13. Proportionally more elderly Scots died in care homes than anywhere else in UK due to SNP incompetence when it sent sick elderly people from hospitals to care homes. The report looking at this action has been delayed

14. Students were unnecessarily sent back to campuses across Scotland leading to an increase in Covid cases plus students being imprisoned in their halls of residence.

15. Mark John Kerr SNP member of North Lanarkshire Council was charged with sexual abuse.

16. Ian Blackford made an 88-mile round trip at the height of lockdown to visit Broadford hospital. He wasn’t ill and didn’t need to go.

17. Peter Murrell although SNP chief executive knows nothing about what the leader of the SNP says or does nor what goes on in his own house. Sturgeon know just as little about him.

18. SNP claimed EU left a light on for Scotland, but it was the SNP that paid for the stunt

19. Linda Fabiani SNP MSP telling Linda Evans “I am afraid that I am becoming uncomfortable” with questions and answers at the Salmond Inquiry.

20. SNP spent 9 million on laptops for needy school children, but didn’t give them out.

21. SNP appointed Chief Medical Officer for Scotland Catherine Calderwood visited her second home despite telling everyone else not to do so.

22. SNP had plans to suspend jury trials during Covid until an outcry made them change their minds

23. Neale Hanvey suspended by SNP for using anti-Semitic language later readmitted

24. Aberdeen locked down in August, but Glasgow not locked down later despite having many more cases.

25. Angus Robertson looking forward to the death of elderly No voters. Not a good look when the SNP are responsible for care homes.

26. Nicola Sturgeon’s perfect hair that we are supposed to believe she did all by herself even the back

27. Steven Bonnar SNP MP charged over a street disturbance

28. A spreadsheet error delayed the opening of Edinburgh’s Sick Kids hospital. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow was also affected by SNP incompetence in running healthcare in Scotland.

29. SNP are not much better at building bridges as Queensferry crossing is closed because of falling ice shards.

30. John Mason compared IRA murderers to ANC freedom fighters.

31. John Mason refuses to represent unionists.

32. Alyn Smith SNP MP tells people they are on an SNP naughty step database.

33. Alex Wilson SNP councillor got together with his wife when he was twenty and she was thirteen.

34. Angus MacNeil charged the taxpayer for the cost of his hotel when entertaining his mistress

35. Angus MacNeil had three in a bed sex with 17 and 18 year old girls

36. Stuart Hosie stepped down after revelations about his extra marital affair

37. There is rumoured to be a super injunction taken out by a senior SNP politician about something we are not allowed to talk about.

38. Scotland keeps falling down the world’s educational league tables

39. Mark MacDonald SNP MSP suspended by party after admitting his inappropriate behaviour caused a woman considerable distress

40. Frank Anderson SNP councillor suspended for sharing an anti-Semitic blog

41. Michelle Thomson withdrew herself from the SNP whip over police investigations into fraud. The case was later dropped.

42.  KennyMaclaren SNP councillor suspended for book burning.

43. Former SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh was found guilty of professional misconduct and fined £3000.

44. Lewis Ritchie SNP councillor suspended over an alleged fracas at the SNP party conference

45.  Donnie Kerr SNP councillor suspended for describing a colleague as a “stupid bitch” during a meeting.

46. Alex Salmond accused of sexual assault and attempted rape. He was acquitted. He did admit to having consensual sex.

47. Alex Salmond accused of bullying members of staff.

48. There was allegedly a policy of not allowing female workers to be alone with Alex Salmond.

49. Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of failing to cooperate with the Salmond inquiry. Is this because there is something damaging about what she knew during the independence referendum in 2014 or is it for another reason?

50. Peter Murrell has been accused of obstructing the Salmond inquiry. What is he trying to hide? Why does he need a law firm to help him keep his secrets?


The SNP has a terrible record of mismanagement and scandal. The campaign for independence has let into public life people who are completely unsuited to it.

The SNP is extremely secretive. It has turned Scotland into a place in which the press dare not investigate and women are not believed if they complain about senior SNP politicians. 

There are important facts about senior SNP figures that are unknown. What did they know about Alex Salmond's behaviour during the independence referendum. Did anyone in the SNP attempt to cover up the story then. Did the press know about it? If so why did it keep silent. If a story as big as the First Minister's misbehaviour can be kept secret for years, what other stories were not told?How many more scandals have yet to come to light? How many never will?

This list is long. Thank you to everyone who helped me compile it by commenting so helpfully on Twitter. But what we must all remember is this. The list of shame is going to get ever longer until Scottish voters kick the SNP out.