Monday 3 August 2020

Please support the Majority

I have long thought that the Pro UK argument has suffered from the lack of a website/newspaper where British Scots could put their point of view. There are Pro UK journalists, but there is no longer a Pro UK newspaper in Scotland. The demonstrations that Scottish nationalists made against the BBC in 2014 succeeded. There are no demonstrations anymore because the BBC bizarrely given that Scottish independence would destroy Britain and therefore British have lost all impartiality. They barely criticise the SNP’s record or put forward arguments against independence at all.  How can it be impartial when the number of hours devoted to the Sturgeon exceed those devoted to any other Scottish politician by hundreds if not thousands.

The UK media as a whole give Nicola Sturgeon a free ride. The grilling that Dominic Cummings received in May would never be directed at Sturgeon. The level of analysis and critique that is directed at the Conservative Government is never directed at the SNP and its record.

The London media like Sturgeon. She is vaguely left-wing like they are. She is a Remainer like they are. She can be relied upon to agree with The Guardian and the BBC on most issues. The London media would see Scottish independence as a just response to Brexit because they dislike Britain almost as much as the SNP do. They can’t bear the idea that Britain might do better than their beloved European Union. They see Britain as a country in decline and wish it to decline still further.

We need to counter this narrative and now we have the chance. There is a new site where Pro UK views and a positive narrative about Britain’s future is bringing together new Pro UK views. It is called The Majority.


I was not involved in setting up this site. In fact, I knew nothing about it until I saw it on Twitter. I have little knowledge of the media, but Mark Devlin the founder of The Majority does.

The aim is to build a large following on Twitter and other social media sites. It would be massively helpful to the Pro UK cause if we had an online presence equal to or surpassing The National, the SNP newspaper.

If there were a Pro UK online newspaper with a large following, which people like you and me could read every day, we would be able to bypass the BBC and those negative Scottish journalists who hinder the Pro UK argument.

The Majority has its own editorial line. You don’t have to agree with all of it, but if you believe in Britain you ought to support it.

Here’s what you should do.


First follow @themajorityscot


Next retweet articles that are on The Majority that you agree with. Make comments on Twitter or other sites about these articles. Share them. Tell your friends and your family.

If we could get the number of Scots following @themajorityscot to massively increase The Majority would be able to play an important role in the debate in the coming year and would be able to influence the next Scottish Parliament election in May 2021 decisively.

I will of course continue writing, but we need as many voices as possible. I am very impressed by The Majority and endorse it without reservation.

Some Scottish nationalists may claim that we are not a majority. But this is simply disinformation. We won the only vote that mattered in a once in a lifetime vote that the SNP accepted would be a “decisive expression of the views of people in Scotland and a result that everyone will respect”. Decisive means that this vote decided the issue. Of course, the SNP did not respect the result. They immediately set about overturning it, but that doesn’t change what they promised, it just shows them to be what they are.

A few opinion polls do not make a majority. Even Sturgeon has admitted that the SNP would need more than 60% support for Scottish independence to have a good chance of winning a vote. This is not least the case because they would never again have the advantage of Yes, the EU referendum set the precedent that Yes/No referendums are unfair. Furthermore the status quo always has an inbuild advantage because people favour what they know rather than risk the unknown.

The fact that the SNP wins the majority of seats on a minority of the votes at Westminster is because the opposition in Scotland is divided. It does not mean that most Scots support the SNP. They don’t.

We are the silent majority that is not represented in the media. That has now changed. You can help massively by supporting The Majority in any way you can, but above all by following @themajorityscot read some articles and share them. You will help hugely if you do.