Saturday 26 October 2019

The American disease. Part nine (Trans)

For nearly all of human history there have been some points that have been fixed. These are the foundations stones of society. Society begins with the family. It begins with a man and a woman deciding to be together and having children. When lots of men and women do this, we have a village, when more still we have a town and when enough families decide to live together and form a common purpose we have a country. Without men and women deciding to be together to form a family we would have nothing.

Throughout human history in almost all cases and almost without exception whether someone is a man or a woman a boy or a girl has been something objective and determined at birth. In no primitive society is there a debate about who is a woman and who is a man. There is no doubt about what is a girl and what is a boy. There may be a very few individuals who are born in an indeterminate sex. There are homosexuals and there are people who like to dress up as the opposite sex. There have throughout history been eunuchs. But for the vast majority of people throughout history sex is something fixed and unchangeable.

 This is still the case in most countries. If you go anywhere outside those few places that follow the rules laid down by American academics it is still the case that everybody thinks as they always have.

Hardly anyone who hasn’t followed and obeyed Left wing orthodoxy thinks that there is a valid distinction between sex and gender. Boy/girl, male/female, man/woman describe the same difference and this difference is determined in the same way. To suppose that someone can be a boy, but female is to misunderstand the words “boy” and “female”.

Imagine learning a foreign language and pointing to a person in a dress and saying he’s a man. The teacher would quietly correct, no, she’s a woman. This is how we all learned our own language. We determine the usage of words by objective visible characteristics.

It is because men and women are the foundation blocks of society that most languages use gender. English is one of the few languages I know that has relatively few instances where words are changed according to whether they describe men or women.

Everyone who did French at school knows that words are divided into “Le” words and “La” words, but some languages are inflected by gender even more than this.

In Russian every word and every pronoun is either masculine, feminine neuter or plural. There are six main grammatical cases that apply to each word and each pronoun with a few extras cases that are sometimes used. If you multiply 6 cases by 4 you get 24 variants. There are patterns of course, but for a foreigner it is literally a nightmare to discover the multitude of ways of saying a simple word like he, hers, this, that, it.  The word “one” can be said 24 ways in Russian. It can be plural. “One” is plural when it describes a watch in Russian, because watch is plural.

The idea that Russian could be made gender neutral or that anyone could change their pronouns is simply preposterous. It’s hard enough dealing with three genders. If everyone was able to simply add a new pronoun “ze” “xe” etc., everyone else would be baffled and unable to speak. How would ze decline? What would the accusative of ze be? If A Russian said he wanted to be known as she I could manage, but if he wanted to be known as xe or ze I wouldn’t know how to form sentences.

Language is collective, not private. We determine the meaning of words and the grammar that joins them together as a group. No individual can on his own change grammar without causing chaos.

The American Left has taken an unusual feature of English, the fact that it has relatively little gender inflection and used this to not merely try to eradicate gender in English, but also to make it supposedly possible for everyone to change their pronouns at will. The ignorance of this is that while it is just about possible to make English gender neutral and just about possible in English to make up pronouns, this is only because gender is relatively unimportant in English. Chairman can be made gender neutral in English, but it can’t be made gender neutral in French without wrecking French grammar. Still less can it be made gender neutral in Russian. We could probably manage in English to call someone ze, though we might have to think sometimes, because there are so few possible grammatical variants in English. It’s either he, him, his or himself. It would be possible to say ze, zim, zis and zimself. But it would hardly be possible to do this in Russian where there are a multitude of variants and where gender is determined not merely by whether a man or a woman is speaking but also by how each word ends. To imagine a world where everyone can call themselves what they like is to imagine Humpty Dumpty saying words mean what I want them to mean. It would leave us all unable to speak.

I don’t believe that it is possible for a human being to change gender. I think that it is something determined objectively by biology and known at birth. I also don’t think that a cow can become a bull. If you cut off the penis of a bull and give it fake udders, it doesn’t become a cow, because it can’t do what a cow does. It can’t have calves and it can’t produce milk. The same goes for human beings. A woman is essentially a human being who can give birth to children. Men and women are similar in many respects, but we are different in this respect. A man is essentially a human being who can father children. A woman could not do this on her own or with another woman. It is for this reason that marriage was developed as something that involved a man and woman. Because only men and women together could create children. It is this fundamental building block of society that the Left wants to overthrow first by opening marriage up to everybody and then by arguing that anyone at any time can simply decide that they are either a man or a woman.

When you have overthrown society you can begin to create socialism. The Soviets tried to get rid of families, because they knew that the family would always be an obstacle to socialism. We care more for our husbands and children than we care for the state. The Soviets never could break the family bond, though they tried. This is the battle the modern Left wants now to win.

Transgender was a non-issue until recently. Some very few people found that they were unhappy being men or women and decided to change sex. The rest of us may have been rather bemused but we were sympathetic. If I had met such a person, I would have called him or her whatever they pleased. I would have said “he” even if I thought she was still she and vice versa. I would have done so out of politeness. It doesn’t much bother me if some people decide they want to have sex change surgery. It doesn’t affect me.

But my politeness wouldn’t chance my view of the reality, for the idea of transgender is intellectually incoherent. If you think that gender is a matter of how you subjectively feel why should it matter that you dress as a man or a woman or have the bodily characteristics of a man or a woman? Either you think gender is subjective, in which case body and clothes don’t matter at all, what matters is how you feel, or you think gender is objective in which case how do you suppose changing body or clothes can ever amount to a change of gender? Transgender theory assumes that gender is both objective, otherwise surgery is pointless, and subjective because the objective nature of the bodies we are born with does not determine our gender.  The whole theory is therefore founded on a contradiction. If you think that being a woman is a matter of how you feel, why not feel that way without cutting anything off? If on the other hand it is a matter of what is objectively between your legs (and if it isn't why do you want surgery?), how can it be a matter of how you subjectively feel? These sorts of contradictions were fine so long as this sort of illogical thinking involved only those few individuals who chose to go down this route. The rest of us could safely be bemused. But not any longer.

But rather than leave this situation alone, the Left decided to weaponize trans. Suddenly we all had to give up our understanding of ordinary words like “man” and “woman”. Suddenly we were all supposed to think that a boy could be female a woman could be male. We were all supposed to agree that a man could give birth to a child and that a woman could have a penis. We were supposed to cheer as a man changed into a woman and then competed in international sport in a competition where everyone else had been born a woman. We were supposed not to notice that “she” had the physique of a man and many of the advantages of a man. We were all supposed to accept that “women” with the physique of men could come into women’s toilets and that they could go to a woman’s prison and they could live in a woman’s refuge shelter. We were supposed to not care when male and female toilets, which benefited both sexes were abolished. We were supposed to not care when our children were told they could be one of a hundred genders and they could choose to be whatever sex they wanted. We were supposed to go along with it when they were pumped full of hormones and when they had irreversible surgery that meant they could never have children. A niche issue that affected none of us began to affect all of us.

The modern Left’s message spreads usually from American universities. Ideas that seem completely mad, like safe-spaces, trigger warnings, cross the Atlantic and arrive in Britain and the other English-speaking countries quickly. It doesn’t matter how crazy these ideas first seem, two or three years later they go mainstream. But not everywhere. It is an English-speaking disease.

Eastern Europeans look on bemused as Western liberals argue for mass immigration from the third world, that men can become women and that homosexuals can marry. Eastern European women are rarely interested in feminism and most commonly are quite happy for the distinctions that have always existed between men and women to continue. They expect to be treated as women by men and they like it.

In China and Japan, they want the vast majority of people who live there to be Chinese and Japanese. This is the case everywhere except English speaking countries and Western Europe. These places have not been infected by the American disease that spreads by means of English. They look on us as in decline and decadent.

In no other continent except Europe do people think it’s a good idea for very dissimilar countries to form a group which is ruled from the centre and which has the goal of creating a new nation state. The Japanese don’t want this. The Australians don’t want it. The Canadians don’t want it. But many of these same people, criticise Britain for not wanting it either. The Americans would not allow a supreme court that was higher than their own. They would not allow a Parliament other than their own which could overrule Congress. Yet they think Britain must Remain.

The American disease spreads most quickly to English speaking countries and to a lesser extent to Western European countries. Everywhere else rape is a crime of violence to be investigated objectively. Evidence is required. A Russian man cannot be charged with sexual assault merely because a woman said he touched her twenty or thirty years ago. A Russian woman student who sleeps with nine men and then says she was raped by the tenth although she has no evidence of this beyond her testimony, will not gain a conviction. The police won’t even investigate. This is the same everywhere except those few countries infected by the American disease. Men and women are happier in those countries too. They look on us as immoral, promiscuous and bizarre.

Where next for the Left. We have reached the stage where we are told to say that black is white, a man is a woman. Ordinary words like "marriage" have been changed. The bedroom has become a place which men should fear.

None of this was imaginable fifty years ago. In 1960 most people still went to Church in Britain. They believed more or less the same things as their ancestors had believed for centuries. The idea that men could marry would have been considered ludicrous. The idea that little boys could become little girls would have been considered bizarre if not perverted.

What new unimaginable things does the Left have in store for us. Are they going to demand that polygamy be legalised? Are they going to demand that transwomen be given surgery so they can have babies? Are they going to demand that countries and borders be abolished? Who knows what they will dream up next? The Left needs to destroy everything so as to create socialism from the rubble. It needs to destroy what the Soviet Union could not destroy, what the Chinese Cultural Revolution left standing, otherwise socialism will fail here as it failed there.

But as the Left works its magic, we are becoming ever more divided. Most people pretend to go along with the latest left-wing edict about race, sex, gender, multiculturalism and homosexuality, because we want to live a quiet life.  The consequences of failing to obey can be that we are denounced, arrested and that we lose our jobs. But there is a tipping point. When enough of our children are taught things that we think are crazy and harmful, we will no longer obey. When enough of our sons are sent to prison because their girlfriends were drunk, we will protest. When enough men dressed up as women enter women only spaces we will rebel.

The first step is to write honestly, openly and fearlessly. We must use argument and we must use truth. We must show the Left that they are the minority. When we do that, we will be free again and we shall also be cured. There will no longer be anything to be afraid of.   This is the only cure when infected with the American disease. The First Amendment kills all known leftish germs stone dead, just like Domestos. The American disease therefore has an all-American antidote.

The end