Wednesday 5 March 2014

To Alex Salmond on the occasion of his speech 4th March 2014 (with apologies to Mr J. Keats)

Dark star! would I weren’t foreign for a start,
Just my splendour shining in northern light.
A beacon for the English whose lids apart,
Would gaze at my wonder and my might.
These disciples going about their priestlike task,
From London flocking ever to my shores,
With rapture in their pleasant duty bask,
Of imitating me, of holding doors,
So I can walk unhindered as I tell
Of how and when to do my bidding lest
In gloom they would forever have to dwell
As if in caves of bleak and black unrest.
Still, still awaiting my every word and breath
Looking on in awe, swooning as if in death.